Name: Rapier 13 Battledroid
Card number: 41
Class(es): Robot
Element(s): Metal
Effect: None
Invincible to instant killing attacks?: Yes
Energy: 63,000
The Rapier 13 Battledroid was made public in August 2009 and has reigned terror ever since.

Notable Features Edit

The Rapier 13's chaingun attack can be extremely helpful if used wisely, since it allows the use of another attack.

Grapple can be used to force an opponent to deal a card from their hand. If you are lucky and force them to deal a strategic card that they were not ready to use, you may be able to kill it.

Grapple can also move the cards on your opponent's field, allowing you to move cards out from behind shields and the like.

Piercing shot can hit infinite cards in one column, so it could be used to hit a shield and all those that the shield is defending.

Attacks Edit

*Chaingun Edit

45,000 damage, and you can use another attack this round.

3*Grapple Edit

Move any enemy card to a different spot on the field -or- force enemy to deal a random card to the field from their hand.

*Piercing Shot Edit

30,000 damage to all cards in one column.

*Rocket Volley Edit

20,000 damage to two cards.

Rapier Claws Edit

10,000 damage.