10-Elemental Alignment Earth

The illustration of Elemental Alignment Earth.

An illustration, while technically unnecessary for game play, is included to give players an idea of what the card represents. Illustrations in the past were generally in black in white, but all digital versions are in full color. A card's illustration is in the box below the card name and above the effects/attacks.

Digital IllustrationsEdit

Display SizeEdit

For the digital version of AFG, all illustrations will be displayed within a box following these exact dimensions: 162 pixels wide by 108 pixels tall. To ensure ideal quality, artists are suggested to use a larger dimension, which will be then be resized to smaller. The standard dimensions for the raw illustrations are 675x450 at 300 dots per inch.

Using Equivalent DimensionsEdit

Dimensions that are equivalent to these are acceptable, so any box with an aspect ratio of 3:2 would work. This means that if the width of the box is divided by it's height equals the fraction 3/2 (1.5 in decimal format) it is acceptable. Another way to determine acceptable dimensions is to choose a number (We'll use 100 for this example) and multiply that number by 3 then 2 (3x100=300 2x100=200). Based on this, some other box dimensions could include, 300 px by 200 px, 735 px by 490 px and so on. Remember though, we reccomend using 675x450 or larger.